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S- Corporation Packages

Affordable options to fit any business size and budget

Core Package

$ 75 per month
  • Revenue of $0-50K

Core Package

$ 125 per month
  • Revenue of $50-125K

Core Package

$ 175 per month
  • Revenue of $125-250K

Core Package

$ 225 per month
  • Revenue of $250 – $400K

|| Handwritten Checks $3/each || 

*If your revenue is over $400K, please contact us for a custom quote

Monthly Posting of Transactions
Our team of expert bookkeepers will ensure that all of your business bank and credit card transactions are posted accurately and timely each month and reconciled with your bank account statements. Each month journal entries made as appropriate for your type of business, including month end close, adjusting journals, and accruals.

Financial Review
2 times per year to review all aspects of your business from top to bottom to determine if we can make any recommendations to help you and your business. You will receive a summary of what we discuss after each meeting.

Tax Ready Financials
Your financials will be ready to complete taxes each your on time, no more excuses and no extensions! Because you are a sole proprietor, you must file a Schedule C to report your profit and loss from the business, we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

Federal Tax Return
Each year we will prepare and e-file form 1120S which is your corporate tax return for an added fee. All returns are reviewed by a CPA and you will always approve everything before we file.

State Tax Return
Included with every Tax package is one state Corporate  tax return prepared and filed for you.

Electronic Copies of Tax Documents
After we e-file your returns, we’ll send you an email with copies of all your documents that you can store with your personal records.

Estimated Tax Vouchers
We’ll send you vouchers and instructions each year for your annual and quarterly tax payments. This makes paying your taxes a snap.

Financial Statements
You’ll receive accurate and up to date financial statements after each month. When your financials are ready, you’ll be able to run and review all available reports in your QuickBooks Online account.
Communication with Staff (Limited)
All Core packages come with 1 monthly email and 1 call to our staff for financial questions and concerns. (We offer more support as needed at the current hourly fee unless you opt for additional support)

Fixed Asset Management
Each month we will ensure all assets are recorded properly and depreciated according to your Tax Pro’s recommended schedule or tax return methodology. (Catch up and creating a deprecation schedule falls under project work)


Weekly Books - $15/Mo

Need your books done more often than monthly? Add on this service for weekly reconciliations of your business transactions                    

Catch-up Work - Inquire

Sometimes your books need to be brought up to date. We’ll help you if you’re a few months or a few years behind, We’ll get you back on track.

Unlimited Support - $60/Mo

VIP service! With this add-on you get unlimited emails and phone support. One virutal meeting a month our accounting staff.

QuickBooks Setup - $100

Since we use Quickbooks and Xero, we will determine the best choice for you and then set up everything you will need.

Audit Defense $10/Month

Think of this as an insurance policy on your tax returns. With this service we will respond to all tax notices you may receive and represent you in an audit.

Tax Planning $55/month 

By far our most popular add-on offering. With this service, we will help you implement strategies that reduce your tax liability each year. 

Corporation Setup

Need to file for a Corporation? We’ll file with your state, register for a new EIN and if you’d like to be an S-Corporation, we’ll take care of the forms necessary to make that election. State fees apply.

Rental Properties $13/month 

If you own rental properties, there are special tax filings that must be done. This add-on is an annual fee that ensures all rental income and expenses are reported accurately.

Cloud Accounting Subscription - $25/mo

Get QuickBooks Online Plus or Xero Bonus for taking advantage of our discounted rate! 

Payroll Service - $100/mo

Need help running payroll and filing your returns? We’ll help you get setup and ensure quarterly and annual filings are done timely and accurately. We also will add all the proper journal entries into your QBO.  Owner only payroll. $6 per employee pay period applies.

App Add On - Varies

QuickBooks Online is a versatile system and works with many add on applications. We will research and recommend apps that will work well with your business processes.

1099 Pay Service - $50/mo

Do you pay contractors weekly, biweekly, or monthly through direct deposit? This is for you. Per contractor pay processing fee applies based on system used for payment.

Bill Pay (AP) - $250/mo

We will implement an easy-to-use software so that paying bills will be easier & less time consuming. Plus, you will have greater cash flow visibility. Best part is you won’t have to print or sign checks manually!

Invoicing (AR) - $250/mo

We can manage your invoicing, so you spend less time trying to get paid. We can also automate the collections process eliminating late payments whenever possible.

Catch Up W/O Personal Expenses

You’ve been good – no personal mixed with business! This makes it easier on us to get your books clean with your business transactions.
Because you have good habits of not mixing business with personal, we can help you build on that good foundation. Since you have disclipine and ability to invest in your business, we may have additional methods to reward your due diligence.

Cleanup rates are 60% of your current monthly rate multplied by the number of months. Over 10 mos of cleanup charged at annual rate.

Plus, a one time fee of $150 for document review, waived over $2,500 in catch up fees.

Clean Up With Personal Expenses

Its tempting to use cash coming in for personal expenses. As small business owners, we all think its ok. Unfortunately, without proper tracking the IRS will not be happy. Let’s get all your expenses clean up properly, then we’ll work on ways to help you pay yourself and make the Tax Man happy!
We’ll work with you to withdraw money properly from your business regularly and even save you money come tax time.

Cleanup rates are 70% of your current monthly rate multplied by the number of months. Over 10 mos of cleanup charged at annual rate.

Plus a one time fee of $200 for document review, waived over $2,500 in clean up fees.

We encourage you to visit our FAQ page for a list of common questions about packages, billing, and services

Inventory Management is not part of our offerings at this time, unless you have a POS system that will work with QuickBooks. If your POS system requires additional entry in QuickBooks, we will review the details and quote a monthly, quarterly, or yearly price. If you do not have a POS system and have manual inventory. We will consider your request to be added monthly, quarterly, or yearly but this will require a custom quote based on number of products, volume, and any additional considerations for uncontrolled inventory, audit backlog, discounts, giveaway items, warranty implications, and method used (i.e. FIFO, LIFO, etc).
Note – Monthly payments start first business day after agreement is signed. We will accept ACH or Credit Card only, if paying bay credit card, 3% processing fee will apply. Clean-up and project work requires 50% deposit before work begins.